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برامج هاكرز


Sub Seven

File Author File Type Description Download Now
SubSeven Remover Zyklon Anti - Trojan Removes Server from Local Drive

SubPass Plus Zyklon Trojan Plug Change server passwords up to 2.0

SubPass Password Cracker Trojan Plugin Will crack the password on SubSeven Servers up to version 1.9

Sub Seven 1.0 MobMan Trojan


Sub Seven 1.3

MobMan Trojan Quite a few bugs, but still good.

Sub Seven 1.5

MobMan Trojan Several More Options. Several More Bugs.

Sub Seven 1.7

MobMan Trojan More Options, Less Bugs. New GUI.

Sub Seven 1.8

MobMan Trojan All bugs fixed. Skin feature added.

Server 2

Mobman Server New Features

Sub Seven 1.9

MobMan Trojan ICQ Spy feature added.

Sub Seven Apoclypse MobMan Trojan New Layout

Sub Seven 2 MobMan Trojan AIM Spy added, wow this is incredible. Runs and looks like apoclypse.

Sub Seven 2.1 MobMan Trojan Alot of new things added MobMan really did it this time....

2.1 Gold MobMan Trojan A few bug fixes...

2.1 Bonus MobMan Trojan A better server




File Author File Type Description Download Now
Netbus Beta Carl Fredrik Neikter Trojan First Version of Netbus (very rare)
Netbus 1.2 Carl Fredrik Neikter Trojan Very Rare version of Netbus
Netbus 1.53 Carl Fredrik Neikter Trojan More functions. Few bugs.
Netbus 1.6 Carl Fredrik Neikter Trojan Decent Version.
Netbus 1.7 Carl Fredrik Neikter Trojan Best Version.
Netbus Find Carl Fredrik Neikter Plugin Ip sweeper for netbus 2.0.
Netbus 2.0 Registration Info Author Unknown Crack Register Netbus 2.0
Netbus 2.0 Carl Fredrik Neikter Trojan Newest Version of Netbus. I hate it.
Netbus 2.01 Carl Fredrik Neikter Trojan Same as above.
Bushacker Acid Rain Cracker Netbus Password Cracker. Works Great. bushack



Back Orifice

File author file type Description download now
Back Orifice Cult Of The Dead Cows Trojan Probably the most powerful trojan out. Need to be an advanced user, some script knowledge needed.

BO2K Cult Of The Dead Cows Trojan Most Powerful Trojan.

BO Client BeeOne Trojan New Client for back orifice. I like it its less confusing and uses less system resources.



برامج هاكرز منوعه

WhackJob Kaboom!
Executer Port Scan
Masters Paradise 99 BETA Hack Tack  HACK'A'TACK 1.20 LATEST
Acid Shivers Remot Control
Evil FTP deep throat remot control 3
Back Orifice gf135
Alternate GUI for Back Orifice hack99
WinFucker gatecrasher2
Butt Trumpet 2000 sockets2.3
Infector pod
Speak Easy inik2
Trojan Generator wincrash2
Prosiak deepbo
Replacment DeepThroat Server Administrator Trojan
Girlfriend AOL Admin
Devil v1.3 Excalibur
Forced Entry Millenium
GateCrasher v1.2 Portal of Doom
Progenic Mail ServeMe
Progenic Trojan Ultors Trojan
Psyco's Nightmare War Trojan 2.0
Vampire v1.2 Priority
NetRex Doly Hacker
Doly Client Doly Remove
Doly Server Doly Fix